What is Fringe Science?

In 2020, Fringe Science was started with one goal in mind: to provide our readers with access to the most intriguing, controversial, and mind-blowing science that is conducted on our planet on a daily basis.

Every day, scientists across the world are pushing the boundaries of the scientific edge. Bravely, and often under much scrutiny, they choose to take science where many are afraid to go.

Probing into the murky waters of the fringe, where science and philosophy often meet, these determined researchers apply the scientific method to phenomena whom many in the scientific community avoid for fear of ridicule, or failure. If not for this reason alone, they deserve their place in the spotlight.

This is why we do what we do. If it weren’t for these courageous, counter-culture scientists, much of what we take for granted today would have never come to pass. The radical researchers of yester-year, the Galileo’s, the Newton’s, and the Tesla’s of our past, developed theories and built devices that are integral to scientific research today; they also merged science and philosophy in ways that would blow your mind. Had they been buried due to their controversy, the very knowledge that forms the basis of science today; the data they acquired against the supposed better judgement of their peers; would have been lost forever, and we’d still be viewing reality like medieval peasants.

So, regardless of the nay-sayers, this website will remain as a monument to our strange past, as a totem to our peculiar present, and as a guide-stone to our baffling future.

Welcome to Fringe Science!